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Varilux Comfort® New Edition / Varilux Comfort® f-360°
Modern life is so demanding on your eyes
Varilux Comfort® is a line of progressive lenses that has established a new standard on the market since its launch. With its high performances and ease of adaptation, it immediately became the well-loved classic of the optician industry. Initially designed to respect the natural postures of the wearer in his/her daily tasks, it provided a maximal visual comfort whatever the activities. But, over the past years many new tools have appeared (mobile phones, MP3 players, computers), which significantly impacted the visual requirements (with miniaturization, screens everywhere, frequent transitions between visions zones). Recently redeveloped to fit this modern environment, Varilux Comfort® New Edition offers the wearer a natural vision, whatever the distance and the task, including digital devices.

Widening the field of vision…

The Varilux Comfort® New Edition, also known as “Enhanced” in some countries, is a sophisticated version of the Varilux Comfort® New Edition. Using the latest technologies ensures all wearers a maximum level of performance for a unique and comfortable vision, whatever the distance, in particular by a wider field of vision, even in complex prescriptions.

Varilux Comfort® f-360° is now available. Ask your optician for "Eyecode" option. 

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